• Friday , 3 December 2021



Reclosable flexible packaging OPEN-CLOSE System

Add value to your product and your brand using resealable bags!

Adding a simple zip enhances the attractiveness of the package. We found that consumers choose more often reclosable packages that help seal the contents after use.

The system is suitable for both horizontal and vertical packaging machines or new cross or already in use, while maintaining the ability to pack on the same machine with or without products zip without affecting the production speed. The profile supplied in reels is applied on PE or PP film simple or on film coupled with internal layer PE or PP.

If you need to test the market with a new product reclosable packaging, we can create a test production of finished bags with or without filling.

The reclosability is widely used:

  • in the food industry:
    – cheese (grated cheese, slivers, diced)
    – feedingstuffs for pets
    -deep-frozen products
    – confectionery products
    – coffee
    -dried fruit
  • in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic
  • for packaging industrial products
  • products for DIYers, tools, hardware

Advantages for the manufacturer:

  • packaged products retain the organoleptic characteristics
  • is a service that gives added value to the product and brand
  • increases its market share even without advertising
  • a package that encourages you to buy: the customer decides for the 65% on point of sales what buy, the closable responds to the desires of the consumer:
    – preserves the freshness
    – keeps the aromas
    – practical, easy to open and close
    – does not require the use of scissors or sharp instruments

Functional packaging that will get positive opinion by the end user and will be enjoyed by large retailers who increasingly reserve room for flexible packaging bag.